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Dynex range of Pulse Power Thyristors are available in 3300V and 4500V.


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Up to 4500V Pulse Power Thyristors

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Power Thyristor Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dynex power thyristor device components bonded together or free floating?

The components that make up our encapsulated devices are fully floating using free floating silicon technology and are clamped together to achieve electrical and thermal contact. This allows our power thyristors to have excellent temperature cycling life expectancy.

When might I consider to apply a Pulsed Power Thyristor?

Dynex Pulsed Power Thyristor range may be used to connect a source of stored energy such as a capacitor to a load, or to bypass and protect a load in the case of a crowbar circuit. Use in pulsed power applications where the rate of current is very fast and the pulsed power switch acts as a closing switch.

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