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Full process traceability with barcode scanning


Dynex cater for both higher volume less complex jobs and lower volume more complex assemblies.

A process control software has been developed for key projects, the platform provides;

  • Rich process instructions to operators
  • Manipulation of external tooling such as electronic assembly tools
  • Enforcement of full process traceability with barcode scanning of sub-components with data verification
  • ESD clean room assembly facility and environment
  • Mounting procedures followed to the torque requirements and assembly sequence.


Project Type

High voltage application, large assembly size (4m x 3m), liquid cooled with weight requiring mechanical handling over 12 months.

Prototype Evaluation

Provided full inspection and testing of the first customer build and able to fix all identified build defects and passed all testing at both room and elevated temperature / stress conditions.

Mechanical handling for manufacture and test

Completed the design and manufacture of mechanical handling requirements including the trolleys, which could be used for assembly and testing phases, supporting easy movement between different cells in the production cycles and transfer to packaging.

Build control & quality

Adhered to internal processes which enabled the customer to identify, qualify and manage sub–contract parts to the required standards. Full build control and test results storage with tractability of component serial numbers.


Configured a dedicated cell based assembly area with required mechanical handling, fed from other cells preparing sub-assemblies, enabled quick transfer to the dedicated test area with controlled access.

BOM & Planning

Completed BOM sourcing with material & logistics handling for material in-flow and shipment of finished product.

Packaging for shipment

Prepared using nitrogen purging, packed for direct shipment to project site or storage facility.


The engineers and technicians completed the following tests

  • HV voltage testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Heat run testing







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Power Grid

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Custom Equipment



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