Dynex Diode devices range from 1.4kV to 9kV with currents up to 8800A and work reliably at line frequencies from -40°C to 125°C.


Rectifier Diode


Dynex Rectifier Diodes range from 1400V to 9000V with current ratings of 410A to 8800A.

The diodes offer a number of benefits for end user applications including; reduced maintenance and reduced outage time.

Rectifier Diode

Rectifier Diode Details

The Rectifier Diodes are designed with capabilities to offer high overload capability and low thermal resistance.

The Dynex range of Rectifier Diodes are suitable for welding applications, industrial rectifiers, industrial drives and converters, metal smelting applications and traction converters.


Rectifier Diode

Rectifier Diode Features

  • High Surge Capability
  • Double side cooling

Flat Base Rectifier Diode


Dynex Flat Base Rectifier Diodes range from 3kV to 6kV at current ratings of 412A to 860A.

The diodes are rugged converters of AC to DC, suitable for ithe refurbishment of ndustrial and chemical rectifiers and aluminium pot lines.

High Power Products

Flat Base Rectifier Diode Details

The flat base diodes are general purpose rectifiers for the maintenance and refurbishment of high-power rectifiers.

The diodes are offered at a reduced cost for replacements parts and decrease the need for maintenance.

Applications include; rotating exciters for power generators where diodes are designed to endure the high G forces encountered on the rotor of the generator.

IGBT Modules Features

Flat Base Rectifier Diode Features

  • Low losses for high efficiency
  • Hermetically sealed for long operational life
  • Easily mounted down with M8 bolts on 46mm centres
  • Available anode to base and cathode to base
  • Selections available for parallel operation
  • Available with flying lead, full and half bar connections on request


Dynex Fast Recovery Diodes range from 1.6kV to 6kV.

Snubber Diode for GTO applications minimising reverse current through the GTO (Gate Turn-off Thyristor)

Fast Recovery Diode

Fast Recovery Diodes

The Dynex range of Fast Recovery Diodes are designed to be used as snubber and anti-parallel diodes for use with its GTO,

Fast Recovery Diode

Fast Recovery Diode Features

  • Lifetime controlled for fast recovery, low recovery charge for low losses
  • Low transient turn-on voltage
  • High surge capability
  • Double side cooling

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