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Hydrogen Electrolysis

Hydrogen Electrolysis

Hydrogen Electrolysis


Dynex has a rich history in producing multimegawatt power conversion solutions. Our power converter technology is a perfect fit for power supplies needed for hydrogen electrolysis applications. 


Power Converters


Dynex is uniquely able to design power converters with its own tailored semiconductors, as well as benefiting from expert knowledge of wear out mechanisms and capability outside of the common operation.

Dynex power converter technology is ideally suited for the power supplies needed for hydrogen electrolysis, whether that may be from a renewable source such as solar, wind and wave power, or simply grid connected. Using the latest IGBT AFE (Active Front End) technology our supplies are optimised in terms of efficiency, size, power factor correction and harmonic distortion.

With a wealth of experience in designing power converters our team of application engineers are able to match and refine a power supply to meet the customers needs, whether that be DC ripple requirements, space limitations or differing incoming supply voltages.

All of our power supplies feature a Dynex designed controller that makes it easy to interface the electrolyser control system with our power supply. This gives constant status feedback to ensure the smooth and efficient running.

With the production of hydrogen, safety is paramount, this is why our power supplies feature an MCCB on the input side that has a trip that can be customer controlled to instantly cut power in the case of an emergency shutdown.

500kW IGBT active front end-based power supply

500kW IGBT active front end-based power supply

Power Supplies for Hydrogen

  • Active Front End IGBT rectifiers for high efficiency, unity power factor and low harmonic DC supply
  • Turn key solution with built in MCCB, precharge and contactors
  • Controlled over Profinet (other methods available)
  • Voltage or current or power control
  • Ripple to customers specification
  • Additional Buck converters to achieve output voltages <650V
  • Customisation available
  • Power rating from 100kW up to 2MW
  • Liquid cooling or forced air cooling
  • Multiple outputs to provide power to numerous stacks

Thyristor and Diode Rectifiers

  • High Power SCR and Diode rectifiers designed for Hydrogen Electrolysis
  • High power rectifier systems for demanding applications
  • Tailored design with redundancy and maintainability built in
  • Assembly design to withstand corrosive environment
  • Designed with complimentary crowbars and anti-spike filters
  • Proven design with 15 years operation in high humidity and other harsh environments

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