Power Assemblies Applications

Power Assemblies Applications

Dynex provide power assemblies products for those customers that require more than the basic semiconductor components. We are able to design power assemblies with tailored semiconductors.



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Specialising in the design and manufacture of assemblies such as rectifiers and converters, Dynex has an established supply chain for all components of power assemblies, resistors and capacitors for snubber networks and control circuits.

Our highly skilled power electronics, mechanical and electrical engineering experts have direct access to the company’s wider application, test and product design groups.

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Air Cooled Power Assembly

Grid linked Power Equipment

  • Excitation Systems
  • Power Conditioning
  • Hydrogen Production

Dynex engineers are engaged in providing tailored power assemblies for hydro dam excitation, power factor correction and rail traction. Dynex are also part of several hydrogen production projects powered from grid distribution.

Collaborating with renewable generation partners and electrolysis system providers, Dynex are working towards topologies and system architectures that provide a power source bespoke to the generation of Hydrogen from a stochastic source, improving the efficiency of production, as well as preventing premature degradation of electrodes due to fluctuations in power.

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Laboratory and Pulsed Power Equipment

Laboratory and Pulsed Power Equipment

Highly customised test equipment made to end user exact specifications

High Power Rectifier

  • 210kVac / 40kAdc (Short period) rectifier
  • Device health monitoring
  • Unique tray design

High Current/Voltage Rectifier

  • High current configuration (220kAdc, 1.9kVac)
  • High Voltage configuration (100kAdc, 3.3kVac)
  • Constructed in 9 cabinets

GTO Pulse Power Fuse Tester

  • 38kJ of energy delivery, up to 4kVdc
  • Up to 5kA/us di/dt

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Standardised Products

Standardised Products

Rectifiers, AC Switches and Gate Drives

  • A selection of standardised outlines in proven natural convection, forced air and water cooled designs.
  • A range of standard clamps matched to our devices with options on mounting and isolation
  • Options for Gate Drives for high isolation
  • Snubbers designed to suit application
  • Options for resistance to corrosive environments

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Traction Repair and Maintenance

Railway Converter Maintenance, Repair, Obsolescence Management and Repowering.

  • Converter for mid-life upgrade/overhaul
  • Reliability improvements
  • Spares and Repairs
  • Propulsion modernisation and upgrade
  • Obsolescence management
  • Support for track side applications such as rectification circuits


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