Laboratory and Pulsed Power Equipment

Laboratory and Pulsed Power Equipment

Dynex can customise power assemblies for test equipment to required specifications.


Laboratory and Pulsed Power Equipment

Bespoke high power assemblies

Customised test equipment to required specification

High Power Rectifier

  • 210kVac / 40kAdc (Short period) rectifier
  • Device health monitoring
  • Unique tray design

High Current/Voltage Rectifier

  • High current configuration (220kAdc, 1.9kVac)
  • High Voltage configuration (100kAdc, 3.3kVac)
  • Constructed in 9 cabinets

GTO Pulse Power Fuse Tester

  • 38kJ of energy delivery, up to 4kVdc
  • Up to 5kA/us cl/dt

Dynex provide power assemblies for customers that require more than the basic semiconductor components. We are able to design power assemblies with tailored semiconductors to meet customer specifications.


Design Capabilities

  • Team of experienced experts in Device Physics, Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering
  • In-depth knowledge of wear out mechanisms to design Power Assemblies for a range of applications
  • Ability to tailor device performance and packaging to suit the needs of the application
  • Electrical circuit, mechanical stress and CFD simulation expertise


Manufacturing and Design Capabilities

  • Experienced team of engineers trained in high voltage wiring, crimping, clamping and other manufacturing processes
  • Full traceability of materials and operatives
  • In house machining capability
  • Testing facilities to screen out early life failures on a full range of products
  • Process traceability with barcode scanning of sub components and data verification
  • ESD clean room assembly facility and environment with semi-automated mount down and assembly equipment 
  • Ability to adapt to work on lower quantity products as well as larger production runs

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