Flat Base Rectifier Diodes

Dynex Semiconductor’s Flat Base Rectifier Diodes are rugged converters of AC to DC for the refurbishment of industrial and chemical rectifiers and aluminium pot lines.

  • Flat Base Rectifier Diode

Flat Base Rectifier Diodes

These flat base diodes are general purpose rectifiers for the maintenance and refurbishment of high power rectifiers.


Special applications include rotating exciters for power generators where the diodes are specially made to endure the high G forces encountered on the rotor of the generator.


  • Current ratings of 470A average to 860A average
  • Voltage ratings of 3kV to 4.8kV
  • Low losses for high efficiency
  • Hermetically sealed for long operational life
  • Easily mounted down with M8 bolts on 46mm centres
  • Available anode to base an cathode to base
  • Selections available for parallel operation


  • Reduced cost for replacement parts
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Reduced outage time