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Latest Product and Company News from Dynex

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Why Dynex are supporting Community Initiative?

Proud to be part of the Lincoln Social Responsibility Charter

Dynex Semiconductor Ltd supports Lincoln Social Responsibility Charter

The aim of Lincoln Social Responsibility Charter is to encourage companies and organisations in the city to undertake socially responsible activities which benefit both their employees and the local community.

Dynex Semiconductor Ltd, based in Lincoln are committed to treating our staff fairly to ensure we have reliable, skilled and motivated workforce. This is very much aligned to our core values, which promotes a motivating and rewarding place to work.

Here are some of the initiatives set-up within the company to support our workforce:

  • Supporting employees to have a healthy work/life balance
  • Providing various health and wellbeing initiatives
  • Enhancing the local economy through paying fair wages
  • Recruiting locally when possible
  • Supporting local charities 
  • Providing flexible working
  • Increasing the provision of benefits to all employees
  • Developing the knowledge and skills of employees
  • Continuing to make Lincoln a remarkable place to live and work - Lincoln has been officially declared the 5th happiest place to live and work in the UK, according to a study by the independent job board. 
  • Encouraging other/new organisations to embrace Social Responsibility
  • Monitoring the progress we are making

We recognise that managing retention of hard working, motivated and positive workforce is very much needed for the success of Dynex Semiconductor Ltd.