Press-pack IGBT

A modern design employing state-of-the-art technologies designed primarily for grid applications - high current, high voltage, high reliability.

Product Features

  • Novel housing solution using a typical hermetically-sealed hockey puck ceramic housing with internal compliance mechanism ensures optimum contact pressure distribution across all chips with standard thyristor heatsink and clamp assemblies and prevents over pressurisation of chips.
  • Chip assemblies employ silver sintering technology for improved robustness and improved thermal characteristics.
  •  New chipset designed and manufactured by Dynex in the UK.
Product Features

Straightforward flexibility for new and existing designs

The Dynex Press-pack IGBT range is based on a flexible, scalable design. Making it straightforward to produce devices with a variety of contact diameters, current ratings and IGBT: FRD chip ratios.  Dynex’s chip design and in-house fabrication capabilities make it possible to tune chipsets to specific applications.  Dynex Press-pack IGBT devices are now available at a variety of power levels; up to 2100A at 4500V. Making Dynex the ideal partner for both new and existing designs.

Straightforward flexibility for new and existing designs

Press-pack IGBTs for HVDC and FACTS

The popularity of insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) for use in high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission and flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) is increasing. Unfortunately, for these applications, wire-bond IGBT technology has a number of shortcomings, such as insufficient current ratings for the most powerful schemes, and inability to fail to short-circuit. Press-pack IGBT technology, conversely, offers increased current ratings, and an inherent short-circuit failure mode, making it a more attractive choice for HVDC and FACTS.

Further information can be found in the paper Press-pack IGBTs for HVDC and FACTS  published in the CSEE JOURNAL OF POWER AND ENERGY SYSTEMS, VOL. 3, NO. 3, September 2017.

Product List

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Part Number Configuration Vces (V) Ic (A) Vce (sat) @ Tc=25°C (V) Vf @ Tc=25°C (V) Ifsm @ Tc=125°C (kA) Flange OD / Contact OD / Height (mm) More Info
DPI2100P45A All-IGBT 4500 2100 2.4 - - 170 / 125 / 26.5
DPI1600P45C Co-pack configuration 4500 1600 2.5 2.5 12.6 170 / 125/ 26.5
DPF2100P45A All-FRD 4500 2100 - 2.4 40.8 170 / 125 / 26.5

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