High Energy Power Supplies and UPS

Dynex has developed a range of high energy power supplies which use ultracapacitors for pulsed power and continuous operation.

High Current Power Supplies

Dynex has been providing  Super Capacitor based high current power supplies where a sustained current has to be delivered.

These supplies are primarily used in applications for testing high power components such as circuit breakers, fuses and other circuit protection devices  (MOV, current limiters etc.)

Our customers for these systems include KEMA (DNVGL), Mersen and Boeing.

Typical applications include:

  • Pulsed DC for destructive testing
  • Dynamic pulse shaping for progressive testing
  • Pulsed  single shot or longer duration DC “flat top” pulses
  • Voltages up to 25kV
  • Output current  up to 500kA (single shot) 40kA (1 second)
High Current Power Supplies

Magnet Power Supplies

Dynex has been providing high current power supplies for use with magnet coils in Industrial and research applications in Europe and the USA.

These supplies have been designed for DC as well as four-quadrant applications where high accuracy and stability are essential. We utilise our IGBT products as well as our thyristors (SCR)  to optimise the design to suit the application.  We offer single shot systems with DC current pulses up to 40,000A  as well as high current “long duration” controlled energy pulses.  

Our customers for these systems include SLAC, CERN, Tokomak, Los Alamos Labs, Boeing, and Culham Labs. Some typical applications include:

  • Superconducting and room temperature electromagnets.
  • Passive component capacitive and resistive loads
  • Pulsed  single shot or longer duration DC “flat top” pulses
  • Voltages up to 25kV
  • Output current up to 500kA (single shot) 40kA (1 second)
Magnet Power Supplies

UPS Systems

From our experience with fast response power supplies, Dynex developed a medium sized Uninterruptable Power Supply which utilises Ultracapacitor technology to retain  1 Megajoule of useable energy for the purposes of protecting downstream systems from power dips or interruptions.

This is particularly relevant where short duration power disruption can cause process interruption or even create unsafe  situations where the momentary loss of power has an impact.

This would be particularly useful in facilities where delicate processing equipment is used, or vacuum and pressure systems require to be sustained. Typically:-

  • Semiconductor processing plant
  • Chemical processing
  • Continuous  synchronised production lines
  • Hospitals
  • Research laboratories
  • HMP

The Dynex system will provide  1 megajoule of stored energy which is delivered as synchronised  3 phase a.c. up to 1000V.

UPS Systems