Dynex Highly Integrated Power Assembly (HIPA)

Dynex’s Highly Integrated Power Assembly (HIPA) is a three phase IGBT module with double side cooling plates resulting in compact size and high performance for EV/HEV applications.

The Dynex HIPA Module

The HIPA is characterised by a double-sided cooling structure with thin and lightweight cold plates, which increase power density by more than 30% compared with a conventional single-sided cooled module approach.

The DIM600V1YX07-E150 is a Low VCE(sat) six switches 650V, trench gate insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module which utilises an active gate driver. It has a wide reverse bias safe operating area (RBSOA) plus 8μs short circuit withstand. This device is optimised for automotive drives and other applications requiring high reliability. The module incorporates a double-sided direct liquid cooled Al pin-fin cold plate and low inductance construction enabling circuit designers to optimise circuit layouts.  The active gate driver has successfully improved maximum DC_LINK operating voltage and reliability by implementing di/dt control and eliminating TVS chain clamp.


  • Low VCE(sat) device
  • 8µS short circuit withstand
  • High thermal cycling capability
  • Double-sided and direct liquid cooling structure
  • High-performance ceramic
  • Integrated Active Gate Driver featuring di/dt active control