Dynex makes news in China

  • Dynex Semiconductor makes news in China

    Dynex Semiconductor makes news in China

Dynex Semiconductor had the pleasure to host Hunan Satellite TV, currently China's second-most-watched channel.

With the Chinese Government’s “The Belt and Road” initiative, Hunan Satellite TV took the opportunity to investigate this modern version of the Silk Road. The Belt and Road initiative is a development strategy proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping that focuses on connectivity and cooperation between Eurasian countries; primarily the People's Republic of China.

The Hunan Province has a long standing friendship with Lincolnshire, with CRRC Corporation Limited being one of the largest corporations in the Hunan province. Documenting the successful partnership CRRC and Dynex have created together since CRRC bought a 75% of the share capital of Dynex Power Inc. was a great example of the opportunity the new initiative can bring.

With the long established British history coupled with the drive and determination of the largest rolling stock manufacturer in the world, Dynex and CRRC have created unique and special cross cultural cooperation. People with various backgrounds working and cooperating together to produce world class semiconductor and power assembly products.

For the entire feature visit the Hunan Satellite TV website here.

Footage supplied by Hunan Satellite TV and Bright Spark Studios Limited. 

Below is a translated transcript of the news story

“Departed from London, 156 miles north, through Cambridge and Newark, we’ve arrived in Lincolnshire, driving on Doddington road, opposite of these beautiful British houses, we saw Dynex Semiconductor.”

Background music in production area

The journalist was surprised that they could hear some music from the production area, Dynex Logistics and Power Assemblies Production Manager Andy has answered her question:

 “In a lot of factories in England, what we do is have music playing in the background, we often find that it (music) builds up motivation, and it helps people relax.”

Dynex Semiconductor R&D Centre

Text Box: Dynex Semiconductor R&D centre

Although working with music on, it doesn’t mean that Dynex is not taking business seriously, for half a century, Dynex has been working hard in Semiconductor industry. And Dynex is the 6th high power semiconductor supplier in the world. 

When asked about what’s most important requirement about your job/ about this business, the answers are all about quality. The importance of quality is deep in everyone’s mind, which builds up Dynex branding and business culture.

It’s all about quality

“I’m proud of my work, yes.”

Dynex IGBT production line

IGBT products are the super star products with innovative technology, and Dynex is one of the pioneers who by researching, developing and producing them.

In Oct 2008, CRRC Times Electric has bought a 75% share of Dynex Inc., which has become the first case of Chinese acquisition in railway transition. In the past 9 years, Dynex and CRRC have strategies which suit the strength of each other, managing resources across nations, stabilise market share in Europe, Northern America and Asia. They also have formed a complete chain from technology research and development to market application. IGBT is widely used in the power electric industry around the world, among power supply, train traction, to aerospace, industrial automation, etc. Dynex currently has around 350 employees; with a percentage being Chinese. 

Cross cultural communication

“Good does not necessarily mean good, it could mean partly agree or satisfied with your work, and praise would normally be with emotionally stronger words, such as outstanding, excellent, and wonderful.”  Alina Ma, Principal EV Design & Development Engineer / Technical Manager

Changes after acquisition

Dynex has gained a lot of support for development and has won the Queen awards and other awards, while also gaining a £1,750,000 regional growth fund from the government.  

“We’ve seen the significant changes, where it also opens up the market for us to sell our products in China, with the opportunities into China railway networks, and also other opportunities for exporting of products of other areas utilised by China.” – Mark Kempton, Operations director