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Latest Product and Company News from Dynex

Dynex strive to reduce environmental impact

Stringent environmental management system in place

Dynex strive to reduce environmental impact banner

Dynex continue to strive to improve the sustainability of our business by creating an environment-conscious workplace. We have policies and programs in place to encourage positive behaviour and we recognise our social responsibility with regards to reducing our environmental impact.

Over the past decade Dynex have consciously taken steps to reduce pollution, work in a sustainable way by using renewable energy and recycle materials as much as possible. This is achieved through Environmental Management & Energy Management systems and Dynex has an ISO14001 & ISO50001 certification.

Our most recent investments to reduce carbon emissions are in a 200kW Solar Scheme and an onsite Gas powered CHP (Combined Heat & Power) system providing highly efficient electricity and hot water which we use for temperature and humidity control in the manufacturing areas. In addition, Dynex have also shown a significant year-on-year improvement in waste recycling.

Power Semiconductor portfolio supports sustainability 

  • Design engineers developing a power converter dedicated to wind powered Hydrogen production. The purpose would be to eliminate the additional power electronics needed to connect the wind turbine to the national grid and improve the cost of producing Green Hydrogen. 
  • Using our engineering office in the UK, coupled with support from our traction electronics manufacturing base in Zhuzhou, China, we are able to provide cost effective solutions for conversions of existing rail rolling stock for decarbonisation projects.
  • Many of our wide range of IGBT modules are built on standard baseplates, which means we can continue to maintain mature products in production thereby supporting the refurbishment market. This enables efficient upgrades that keeps existing Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD) equipment in existence. 

Dynex is a U.K based designer and manufacturer of high power semiconductors and assemblies. We are proud to continue to contribute to the preservation of the environment through an Environmental Management System and through the products we manufacture. We believe the protection of the environment to be an integral part of good business practice.

For further information on the practical steps Dynex have taken to reduce our environmental impact, please read article 'Steps Dynex have implemented to grow a low carbon business'.