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3800A 415V AC Switch Assembly

Product of the Month March 2021 - power generation and renewable applications

Specialising in the design and manufacture of power assemblies, our engineering teams work with our customers to ensure delivery on performance and reliability for their specific applications.

In order to maximise the semiconductor performance in the assembly, the type of heatsink, transient conditions, overloads, ambient temperature, surface finish and the method of cooling has been thoroughly considered.

The highly reliable 3800A 415V 3 phase AC switch assembly is designed for power generation and renewable applications.  

The assembly offers the following features:

  • Proven Design
  • DCR5900A22
  • Forced Air Cooling
  • Redundant Fan (safety feature – back up in case one breaks)
  • RC Snubber
  • Pressure Switch
  • IR Temperature Sensor (Optional)
  • Fuse (Optional)
  • Gate Drive (Optional)
  • Easily Maintainable Design

Download the DSS3800BM-W3C-0415 datasheet here.

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