Traction Refurbishment Services

Dynex has a 40 year history of providing power electronics to the traction industry, many of which are still operational today.

Dynex Power Assembly Refurbishment

With a typical lifespan of 40 years, the rolling stock industry are facing an increasing demand for midlife upgrades for dated traction power and control electronic equipment.

Using our proprietary knowledge of the wear out mechanisms associated with the power semiconductors and clamp assemblies provided, Dynex can offer an assessment of the likely health of semiconductors in application, as well as providing a feasibility report on the current availability of equivalent parts for replacement or spare stock.

We provide a service where we can strip, and improve the older sub-systems to provide regenerated parts which will ensure future performance is guaranteed.

As an original supplier into the UK traction market for power electronics devices, Dynex is now offering a service whereby we will renovate older systems that have been performing well in the field to prepare them for ongoing future operation. 

We work with GTO and IGBT based systems, this work has included semiconductor device replacement as well as modifications which remove known failure mechanisms and improve the rail MTBF statistics significantly.

Dynex offer the following capabilities to support this:

  • Re-traction of propulsion systems (e.g. GTO to IGBT)
  • Converter mid-life upgrade/overhaul
  • Reliability improvements
  • Replacement Semiconductor devices

Mid-life upgrades offer a number of benefits including:

  • Improved reliability and maintainability resulting in reduced life cycle cost 
  • Availability through lower downtime and higher reliability
  • Obsolescence management - full collaborative agreement with Dynex insures long-term UK support for spares and maintenance.