Standard Power Assemblies

Many factors need to be taken into consideration to maximise semiconductor performance in an assembly.

Dynex Standard Power Assemblies

Typically these include; type of heatsink, transient conditions, overloads, ambient temperature, surface finish (e.g. black anodised) and the method of cooling on which the application relies (air, liquid or phase change). With a wealth of experience behind them and using 3D CAD and simulation software, our designers have a vast range of bipolar and IGBT power semiconductor devices and components available which will ensure that even standard power assemblies are optimised for customer applications.


  • Single phase controlled and uncontrolled rectifier assemblies
  • 3-phase and dual 3-phase rectifier assemblies
  • 3-phase (6 pulse) and dual 3-phase (12 pulse) controlled rectifier assemblies


  • 3-phase thyristor inverter power units
  • IGBT chopper H-Bridge inverter modules
  • IGBT full 3-phase inverters for motor control
  • Frequency converters

Stack Assemblies

  • Stick stacks for high voltage/high current applications
  • MV soft starts
  • Crowbars
  • Thyristor/GTO assemblies with anti-parallel diode combinations
  • Air cooled and water cooled stack assemblies.