Pulse Power Assemblies

For many pulse power applications, semiconductor switches can offer advantages over alternative switch technologies. These advantages include; Increased number of operations and general reliability, Improved waveform shaping and pulse control, increased repetition rate and higher current pulses.

  • Pulse Power Systems

    Pulse Power Systems

Dynex Pulse Power Stacks

The choice of the semiconductor device is critical for correct and reliable operation. Dynex has a wide range of thyristor types, including some which have been specifically developed for high di/dt pulsed power applications. In addition to this Dynex have many years experience in providing specific assemblies for custom pulsed power requirements. 


The Dynex range of pulse power systems are typically used for:

  • Connection of energy storage to low inductance loads
  • Crowbars for by-passing / protecting a load
  • General thyratron and ignitron replacement

Product List

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Application Voltage Peak Current Waveform di/dt Frequency Device Type More Info
Plasma Initiation 9kV DC 60kA 2ms Half Sine 100A/µs Single Shot DCR1673 Phase Control Thyristor
H2 Thyratron Replacement 17kV DC 3.3kA 2.5µS Trapezoidal 7500A/µs 300Hz ACR300 Asymmetric Thyristor
Sterilisation 25kV Forward 35kV Reverse 4kA Damped Half Sine 1200A/µs 30Hz PT60 Phase Control Thyristor
Power Supply Crowbar 15kV DC 4kA 400µs Exponential Discharge 5000A/µs Single Shot PT40 Pulse Power Thyristor
Laser Megajoule 26kV DC 125kA Damped Half Sine 3200A/µs Single Shot PT85 Pulse Power Thyristor

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