Dynex Launches Next-Generation High-Power IGBT Modules

  • The Flagship Dynex 6.5kV 1000A Trench-Gate High-Power IGBT Module (CNW Group/Dynex Power Inc.)

    The Flagship Dynex 6.5kV 1000A Trench-Gate High-Power IGBT Module (CNW Group/Dynex Power Inc.)

Reliability, efficiency and operating performance winning new orders

Lincoln, England, October 31, 2018. Dynex Power Inc. (TSXV: DNX), a leading manufacturer of high power semiconductors and electronic equipment, is pleased to announce the launch of industry-leading high-power IGBT module technology, thereby refreshing the company’s state-of-the-art IGBT offerings. These new modules cover a full range of power, up to 6.5kV at 1000A, 4.5kV at 1500A and 3.3kV at 1800A, and incorporate a choice of DMOS or latest-generation Trench-Gate technology.

The new Dynex high-power range includes IGBT modules, and associated diode modules with class-leading RBSOA performance, offering the following advantages over competitor products:

  1. Latest Generation Trench-Gate designs: offering up to 30% greater power density, incorporating Dynex-proprietary LOCOS gate technology.
  2. Chip options for performance optimization: a choice of up to 3 chip types per voltage level, allowing for exact tailoring and optimization of modules to specific customer applications.
  3. The most robust module package: ensuring the safest energy containment and protection of the surrounding environment, should there be an unplanned event in the power electronics system.
  4. 150ºC operating junction temperature: demonstrated best-in-class junction temperature, providing significant operating headroom for greater durability.
  5. Demonstrable lowest total losses of any module on the market: up to 10% lower losses than the next-closest competitor product, in a typical 2-level, 3-phase inverter.

Dr. Keith Ferguson, Dynex Chief Technology Officer commented, “These product releases are a culmination of several years of intense development of cutting-edge high-power semiconductors at Dynex. In addition to launching products that outperform our competitors and set a new benchmark for the industry, our strategy has focused on tailoring the performance of our IGBT modules to specific customer requirements. Therefore, not only are we announcing a brand new product range today, but we have also designed these products so that our customers can choose from a range of chip sets, ensuring the very highest efficiency and reliability for their specific applications. We are already working closely with a number of companies worldwide to bring them the benefits of selecting Dynex IGBTs, and expect this customer base to widen significantly in the coming months.”

Mr. Clive Vacher, President and Chief Executive Officer, added, “With these new high-power IGBT modules, Dynex is aiming to have the highest-technology, most robust, product range in the industry. This market-leading technology is ready now, and has undergone extensive testing in some of the harshest conditions possible. We are in active discussions with customers on application of these modules in next-generation high-speed rail traction designs, as well as several power grid and industrial applications.

“I am delighted to see how the market is responding: in the past 3 months, our IGBT modules have won competitive bids from major international rail traction and power grid companies, based on our combination of cutting-edge technology, reliability and excellent commercial terms. In total for this 90-day period, we have secured sample or production IGBT orders from a total of 8 significant new and existing customers in Asia, Europe and the USA.

“Last year, as part of our strategic review, I pledged that Dynex would rapidly become the industry’s technology leader. Today, we have completed a major step towards achieving my pledge. With our commitment to continuous innovation, and focus on providing enabling technology solutions to our customers, we will demonstrate further product developments on an ongoing and frequent basis.”