Dynex has its finger on the pulse with fusion energy

June has seen Dynex complete the second pulsed power supply for Tokamak Energy.

These Power Supplies will form an important part of the latest fusion reactor created by Oxfordshire-based Tokamak Energy. The reactor was fired up recently for the first time and aims to reach temperatures of 100 million degrees Celsius next year.

Known as the ST40, the reactor represents the third of five stages in the company’s plan to deliver fusion energy to the grid by 2030. Controlled fusion requires temperatures in excess of 100 million °C, but this has never been achieved by a privately funded company.

The next steps in the ST40’s development will see the reactor’s magnetic coils installed and some will be powered by the Dynex designed and manufactured Power Supplies.

The power supplies form part of a set of high current pulsed power supplies which are crucial for forming and containing the super-heated plasma and pushing towards fusion temperatures.

 Dynex has a large capability for creating pulsed power energy delivery systems tailored for highly specific applications.

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