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Latest Product and Company News from Dynex

Watch Dynex build a 160MVAr Thyristor Controlled Reactor (TCR)

Time lapse video of 19 level TCR in production

Dynex offer a varied range of industry standard power assemblies, including Thyristor Controlled Reactors (TCRs) configured to suit your application and specific performance requirements.

The embedded time lapse video, is of Power Assemblies completing another 160MVAr TCR build. The 19 levels of Thyristor have been tailored to the application with the full assembly engineered, built and tested at our site in Lincoln, UK.

Thyristor Controlled Reactors (TCRs) are primarily used in combination with Fixed or Mechanically Switched Capacitors (FC or MSC) to provide Static VAR Compensation (SVC). This enables improved quality of the mains voltage supply by compensating for large loads with poor power factors. Typical example applications include; flicker reductions and power factor compensation of electric arc furnaces in steel mills.

Dynex provide a complete range of water-cooled SVC valve assemblies, which utilise the latest i² thyristor technology for optimum efficiency and can be used in both single phase and three phase applications. These are primarily designed for operation at 35kV, with the range extending up to 400MVar. We have a growing number of reference projects currently in operation for the entire range.

The Dynex range of TCRs have been designed with optimum performance. All thyristor modules used in the TCR valves are matched to improve static and dynamic sharing whilst N+1 redundancy is included as standard to ensure consistent availability of supply, even in the harshest of operating conditions. These switches are directly connected to the high voltage grid with Dynex designs completing tracking and flashing requirements. 

In addition, Dynex offers a range of industry standard power assemblies, which include: high power rectifiers, AC switches, Pulsed Power switches, AC-DC converters and DC-DC Converters. With experienced experts in device physics, electrical circuit, mechanical stress and CFD simulation we also produce bespoke Power Assemblies to meet customer specific specifications. 

For more information, Contact Us or download our Power Assemblies Product Brochure.