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Product of the Month September 2020

2.5kV 867A Gate Turn Off Bipolar Thyristor

Product of the Month September 2020

The 867A GTO Thyristor, DG646BH25 is among our highest performing and reliable traditional Bipolar devices.

The device is designed with high voltage and high surge current capabilities, manufactured in our H outline package.

This robust device has been a part of Dynex’s long-standing GTO history that are designed to provide both high quality and reliable parts for the maintenance market that exists due to long service life of traction equipment.

The DG646BH25 has a turn-off capability that contributes to the reduction in equipment size and weight in addition to, low noise emission to reduce acoustic cladding necessary for environmental requirements.

This device has an inherent fast turn-on however, is primarily designed to turn off high current making it useful in PWM and chopper circuits.

End user applications can benefit from reduced system cost, improved thermal characteristics, maximised system efficiency and reliable operation in severe environments.

Key Features:

  • Double side cooling
  • High reliability in service
  • High voltage capability
  • Fault protection without fuses
  • High surge current capability
  • Turn-off capability


  • Variable speed AC motor drive inverters (VSD-AC)
  • Uninterruptable power supplies
  • High voltage converters
  • Choppers
  • Welding
  • Induction heating DC/DC converters

Download the DG646BH25 datasheet here.