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Latest Product and Company News from Dynex

Product of the Month November 4.5kV & 6kV Asymmetric IGCT Bipolar Devices

4.5kV & 6kV Asymmetric IGCT Bipolar Devices

Product of the Month November

Leading Dynex's Bipolar offerings are a range of Integrated Gate-Commutated Thyristors (IGCTs)s capable of doing the most work with their idealised gate drives. The IGCTs are offered in the following voltages and currents.

Device Voltage class Forward current
CAC 3000-60 6000 3000
CAC 4000-45 4500 4000
CAC 4000-45-02 4500 4000
CAC 5000-45 4500 5000
CAC 8000-45* 4500 8000
CAC 2200-45 4500 2200

The IGCT products have been designed for high power converters, motor drive equipment and flexible transmission systems in renewable and industrial applications.

This robust device offers a number of benefits for end-user applications inclusive of; reduced system cost, improved thermal characteristics, maximised system efficiency and reliable operation in severe environments.

The devices have passed the IEC60747-6-2000 Semiconductor Devices Part 6: Thyristor and IEC60747-2-2000 Semiconductor Devices Discrete Devices and Integrated Circuits Part 2: Rectifier Diodes test standards.

Key Features:

  • Self-turn off capabilities
  • Low operation losses
  • Fit for application in series

IGCT Technologies

IGCT Technologies

Reliability Testing

No. Item Condition Result
1 RF Electromagnetic Field Immunity Test 30V/m, 80MHz-1000MHz;
30V/m, 1.0GHz-3.0GHz; 1KHx, 80%AM
2 Industrial Frequency
Magnetic Field
Immunity Test
Transient magnetic field 1000A/m, 3s;
Continuous magnetic field 1000A/m, 30s; 3 directions
3 Pulse Magnetic
Field Immunity Test
Magnetic field 1000A/m, Positive/negative pulse for 5times. Pass
4 Damped Oscillatory Magnetic Field Immunity Test Magnetic field 100a/M, Oscillation frequency 1MHz, 400pulses/s, 60s; Pass

IGCT Package outline

The device is designed with high voltage capabilities, manufactured in a CAc outline package.

IGCT Technologies

Contact us for more information on the IGCT devices and for datasheets.

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