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Latest Product and Company News from Dynex

Newly released 6.5kV, 1000A Trench IGBT

High power IGBT optimised for traction drives

Dynex have extended our existing high-power IGBT product portfolio with the release of a 6.5KV, 1000A trench IGBT.

Using our in-house research and development team, Dynex continue to advance designs to utilise the latest techniques to improve cooling, current output, lifetime and reliability. Great emphasis is placed on low inductance power bus designs enabling IGBT modules to function under fast switching transients such as those of new generation Trench Gate IGBT’s.

Dynex have extended our existing high-power IGBT product portfolio with the release of a 6.5KV, 1000A trench IGBT. This is the first planned product launch in our new high voltage trench process.

Our high performing low switching loss 6500V IGBT modules with a 10.2kV isolation voltage include an option of chopper or single switch configurations.

The recently released low switching loss module DIM1000ASM65-UF000 is a single switch 6500V, soft punch through n-channel enhancement mode, insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module. The IGBT has a wide reverse bias safe operating area (RBSOA) plus 10μs short circuit withstand. This device is optimised for traction drives and other applications requiring high thermal cycling capability.

The device shows about a 50% reduction in both SSCM (Switching Self-Clamping Mode) duration as well as E-off (turn-off energy loss) at V-line=5.3kV than previous LOCOS generation of trench IGBT module.

Under fault conditions especially in HVDC and similar applications, Dynex’s 6.5kV/1000A IGBT module can withstand very high line voltages and turn-off safely with limited E-off. Excessive E-off impacts reliability by accelerating wear out and increases the likelihood for thermal runaway and device destruction.

Dynex recognise the importance of rail overhaul and maintenance services industry to help keep rolling stock in working order. Rail travel plays a significant role as a low carbon alternative to air and road travel. To this end, Dynex manufacture IGBT modules with high current capability and optimized switching losses for traction applications. 

Key Features of 6.5kV trench IGBT:

  • Lowest total losses of any IGBT module
  • 150 °C operating junction temperature for greater durability
  • 10µs Short Circuit Withstand  
  • High Thermal Cycling Capability
  • Trench Gate Soft Punch Through IGBT
  • Isolated AlSiC Base with AlN Substrates
  • Lead Free construction
  • N-Channel enhancement mode
  • Wide reverse bias safe operating area

These features alongside the design principles and manufacturing technology means Dynex are able to provide the market with highly reliable IGBT modules.

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