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Latest Product and Company News from Dynex

Multilevel SiC power module for 100 kW aircraft motor drive applications

Presenting paper at iMaps Conference 24th November

Dynex presenting at IMAPS-UK’s iPower4 Conference on Powering the Future will take place on Thursday 24 November 2022 at the Jubilee Conference Centre at the University of NottinghamDynex Senior Module Process Engineer, Jingru Dai will be presenting at the iMAPS Conference on Powering the Future at the University of Nottingham. Powering the Future will present some of the most significant challenges to be faced by a wide range of electrical and electronic based industries.

If you are attending, the paper, 'Multiple SiC power module for a high frequency aircraft motor drive application' will be presented at 09.50.

The research paper presents a multilevel SiC power module for 100 kW European Aerospace aircraft motor drive applications.

Additional electrification of aircraft together with weight and volume reduction in the equipment is desirable in the aerospace industry. More efficient power conversion systems can be enabled by the employment of advanced wide-band gap power devices such as SiC dies which can achieve fast switching frequency and facilitate high power density package. 

The SiC power module, with a power rating of 400A peak current, 1080V DC link voltage and a switching frequency of 16kHz, was designed. It considered its full electrical potential up to 10 km altitude (unpressurized environment), and packaged in a manufacturable and reliable way to facilitate the full potential of SiC power dies in terms of competitiveness against current solutions.

The thermal performance and basic electrical performance of the module prototyped have been characterized via simulation or experimental methods. In addition, the solution developed also has the potential for other applications such as as automotive, rail and renewable energy, where high reliability and manufacturability is desirable.

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