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IGBT modules for environments with higher levels of Hydrogen Sulphide present

Features of Dynex M1 range of IGBT Modules

1700V IGBT M1 Module


Dynex Semiconductor’s 1700V IGBT module M1 range (152x 62mm) has met the compliance standards of the ISA 71.04-2013 (Industrial Standards for the protection of electronic equipment). This enables inverters to operate reliably within environments where there is higher levels of H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide) present for longer.

Operating environments with high levels of H2S are found in wastewater treatment, mining and paper production as well as other applications.

All other electrical, mechanical and thermal properties of the modules remain unchanged.

H2S is a corrosive contaminant that when combined with the conditions in a module during operation of high operating temperature and voltages causes Copper Sulfide (Cu2S) to grow and can result in short circuits and lead to early module failures.

Features of M1 range of IGBT Modules:

  • Trench Gate IGBT
  • Cu Base with enhanced Al2O3 substrates
  • 10us short circuit withstand
  • Incorporates an electrically isolated base plate and low inductance construction

Download the datasheet here > DNX_DIM450M1HS17-PA500

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