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Latest Product and Company News from Dynex

Controlled Rectifier Assembly

1200A 2000V Modular 6BC is part of a range of rectifier assemblies

We are delighted to highlight our highly efficient Controlled Rectifier Power Assembly as product of the month for February 2021. The modular 6BC is part of a wider range of rectifier assemblies available in various power ratings.

Specialising in the design and manufacture of power assemblies, our engineering teams work with our customers to ensure delivery on performance and reliability for their specific applications.

Dynex Standard Power Assemblies range consists of proven high reliability Heatsink Assemblies for a challenging range of applications.

The DSS1200BM-B6C-2800 is a controlled bridge rectifier spread across 3 individual phase arm assemblies. The forced air-cooled design has been optimised for high reliability operation for deployment in applications that require continuous operation and long lifetime.

In addition, the Thyristor characteristics have been tailored specifically to lower the overall losses of the assembly to improve reliability and increase efficiency.

This 1200A 2000V Rectifier B6C assembly offers the following features:

  • Proven Design 
  • Forced Air Cooling
  • Redundant Fan
  • RC Snubber
  • Pressure Switch
  • IR Temperature Sensor (Optional)
  • DC Fuse (Optional)
  • Gate Drive (Optional)

In order to meet your specific application requirements, the design can be altered.

Download the DSS1200BM-B6C-2800 datasheet here

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