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Latest Product and Company News from Dynex

Competitive Lead Times on IGBT Modules for Delivery in 2022

UK manufactured IGBT modules

Competitive Lead Times on Dynex IGBT modules for delivery in 2022

Dynex power IGBT module manufacturing is located in Lincoln, UK. We maintain competitive lead times that will get you delivery of products in 2022.

So, for orders placed now, you could still receive them before year end.

The Dynex manufacturing plant is a vertically integrated facility with device design, wafer fabrication, packaging, qualification and testing available on site.

Dynex IGBT modules include half bridge, chopper, dual, single and bi-directional switch configurations covering voltages from 1200V to 6500V and currents from 100A to 3600A. They are available utilising chips that have been optimised for switching or static losses depending on the application.

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