Custom Projects

Dynex has the capability to design, develop and manufacture custom IGBT modules. Applications for power electronics devices often involve harsh operating conditions or environments necessitating devices capable of meeting these requirements. Dynex utilises our vast experience in the manufacture of power semiconductors to design and produce high-reliability IGBT modules customised to meet the individual demands of end applications including those in the aerospace, automotive, renewable energy and traction markets.

Dynex Custom IGBT capabilities

Dynex IGBT products can be in either standard industry format footprints or in end customer defined formats with bespoke connectivity and/or circuit topology and/or heatsinks-water cooled/air-cooled/phase change or double side. To ensure consistency of product performance and quality all manufacturing is carried out under strictly controlled clean room conditions.

DYNEX capabilities can encompass the following:

• Laser welded assemblies

• Ultrasonic Welding processes

• Copper Wire bonds

• Various die technologies (Trench gate, SiC..)

• Liquid cooled heatsinks

• Customised busbar arrangements

• Silver Sintering

• Customised packaging (case materials)

• Hermetically sealed packages

Using our experience in design of IGBT modules, Dynex has designed and manufactured modules that have helped our customers:

• Reduce system cost

• Reduce total system size & weight

• Improve thermal characteristics

• Maximise system efficiency

• Operate in severe environments

Using our in-house design team, Dynex continues to develop own processes and designs to utilise the latest techniques to improve cooling, current output, lifetime and reliability. Through initial concept to full production, Dynex will support your requirements to provide enhanced, reliable device outlines to meet your stringent demands.

Custom Electric Vehicle Systems

The IPM and IPU products represent a demonstration of the Dynex core EV technologies and for the majority of electric vehicle applications, these technologies are customised. These technology platforms are inherently designed to be scalable in power and features to meet the requirements of a particular OEM project. Some examples of scalable features include:

  • Power output. Inverters from 20kW to 300kW are already in development.
  • IGBT voltage rating. Initial platforms are based on 650/750V IGBT but 1200V can also be implemented for 800V DC bus applications.
  • Switching frequency. Standard products are based on PWM frequencies of 10-14kHz but other developments can address special motors that require 20kHz+ frequencies.
  • Control algorithms. Dynex implements their own advanced motor control algorithms but understands that some OEMs want to apply their own proprietary technology. The Dynex inverter hardware platform can be used to embed the customer’s own control IP.

For further information on any of the Dynex custom capabilities please contact us here.