UPS Systems

Dynex have developed a medium sized Uninterruptable Power Supply which utilises Ultracapacitor technology to retain 1 Megajoule of usable energy for the purposes of protecting downstream systems from power dips or interruptions.

Dynex UPS Systems

This is particularly relevant where short duration power disruption can cause process interruption or even create unsafe situations where the  momentary loss of power has an impact.

This would be particularly useful in facilities where delicate processing equipment is used , or vacuum and pressure  systems require to be sustained.

UPS Applications

  • Semiconductor processing plant
  • Chemical processing
  • Continuous synchronised production lines
  • Hospitals
  • Research laboratories
  • HMP

The Dynex system will provide 1 megajoule of stored energy which is delivered  as synchronised  3 phase a.c. up to 1000V.