Remote Condition Monitoring for Rail Applications

Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) can be applied to monitor any aspect of the locomotives functions either electrical or mechanical and can be particularly beneficial to operators to prove problem causation.

Dynex RCM Example 1

Traction Power Electronics; Dynex RCM systems can report on critical data from the power electronics systems to enable determination of potential problems before there is a catastrophic failure. Critical temperatures and operational voltages can be constantly reported on the 3G/4G network in relation to torque, speed and geographic location. This is enabling the operator to make real time decisions to avoid breakdowns.

Dynex RCM Example 2

Bearing temperature or vibration measurement; Systematic monitoring of the bearings can allow early warning notification of potential part failure helping reduce replacement costs and service impact.

Visit the following link to view a demonstration of our partnership with Portuguese operator Fertagus: