Railway Component Obsolescence Solutions

For complete railway Obsolescence Solutions speak to the Dynex Semiconductor Rail Innovation Unit.

Dynex Rail Innovation Unit

The Dynex Rail Innovation Unit is able to offer railway companies an innovative solution that will extend fleet life cycle and reduce maintenance costs. The team at Dynex are providing solutions to avoid component obsolescence by judicious replacement of key systems, as well as implementing superior technology for predictive maintenance to allow interventions before breakdowns occur.

Part of the upgrade offered by Dynex is the replacement of the power electronics as a modular change out. Modular replacement of smaller sub components was always an option to the rail industry.  However, Dynex have the unique ability to upgrade to the latest technology and replace the whole package which can improve reliability and efficiency.

Midlife Electric Rolling Stock Propulsion Upgrade

In the last two decades of the 20th century, power electronics has conquered its place with Gate Turn Off Thyristors for railways traction applications, as per metropolitan light trains, electric multiple units or locomotives. Eurosprinter, TRAXX and Prima electric locomotives from Siemens, Bombardier and Alstom are an example of this success for high power applications. A new generation of power semiconductors is now available for traction upgrade projects, to improve and extend midlife rolling stock maintenance.

Dynex' solution for dealing with obsolescence 

GTO gate drives reliability and cost becomes a maintenance and logistics issue for midlife rolling stock. Refurbishing the traction chain in a R type major overhaul is an option to consider for the train owners facing high costs and raising failure rates on GTO power modules and gate drives. For DC or AC drives the investment cost of renewing GTO power drives and power modules with new technology can have a payback time of 5 years, with additional benefits regarding assets management and rolling stock downtime out of the track.