Research and Development Engineering

Research & Development Engineering

Committed to enhancing the operation of the world around us

With the ever-advancing world of cutting-edge technology, our dedicated research and development (R&D) engineers strive to provide our customers with efficient new products tailored to their application requirements.

The team undertake extensive research projects and experiments to guarantee our products stand the test of time and work rigorously in severe environments, whilst supporting global initiatives to reduce carbon footprint and emissions.

The New Product Introduction (NPI) team focus on expanding Dynex’s existing product portfolio, and tailor devices to market trends and industry growth. The team dedicate their research to improve the world we live in through enhancing applications that rely on efficient sources of energy.

If you are looking to join our R&D department, we look for the following skills:

  • A passion for technology advancements
  • Critical thinker and methodical approach to problem solving
  • Enthusiastic and motivated to enhance product technologies
  • Ability to adapt to various projects and work to deadlines
  • Work effectively as a team and autonomously

"The opportunity of being a pioneer to explore the new technology chapter always encourages me to move forward,  whether to be a team leader or best team partner within traditional silicon device, the possible future material GaN device or gate driver integrated circuit. Felt very pleasure and pride to contribute to the whole new advanced terminations design and FRD development for all voltage ratings and bring them into the new generation product portfolio."

Arthur Su, Chief IGBT Chip Design and Development Engineer



"As a Chief design Engineer and Team leader, I gain first hand exposure to incredible projects, including the most recent design and process integration of our latest state of the art Terrace Trench Oxide chips (TTO-IGBTs) used in advanced next generation 3.3kV, 4.5kV and 6.5kV modules."

Luther Ngwendson, Principal IGBT Design Engineer

"Managing projects from the research and design stages to the physical prototype of new products is both challenging yet rewarding. I work closely with external partners and universities to collaborate on solutions to support ‘go green’ initiatives, including the most recent, clean sky 2 European research project."

Anne Harris, Senior IGBT Module Engineer



"Working within Dynex R&D department allows me to contribute to technical discussions, new materials evaluation & process, support continuous improvement of product performance and be a part of revolutionary projects such as, the development of high and medium voltage power module materials for traction applications."

Muhammad Morshed, Principal Engineer

"Working within the IGBT Production and the R&D IGBT New Process Introduction teams gives me the opportunity to be a part of innovative projects, such as the process development of H1 & H2 IGBT modules. I thrive in identifying areas for improvements, implementing solutions and generating ideas for future projects."

Daniel Longney, Engineer