Intricately manufacture and assemble high specification Semiconductor devices and Assemblies

Dynex IGBT, Bipolar and Power Assemblies manufacturing teams are entirely responsible for the production of our wafers, bipolar, IGBT and power assembly products.

Our highly skilled operators, section leaders and managers work within the wafer fabrication, assembly and testing bays.

The teams are responsible for manufacturing quality products to technical specification, conducting quality checks, operating speciality machinery, testing products to qualify with industry standards, adhering to environmental health and safety regulations and manufacturing processes, and meeting production timelines and targets.

If you are looking to join our Manufacturing department, we look for the following skills:

  • A commitment to continuous process improvement
  • A natural team player
  • Effectively communicate
  • Work efficiently to tight deadlines
  • Excellent attention to detail and concentration


"Working within various areas of manufacturing has given me the opportunity to learn every aspect of the intricate production process, from substrate build and bonding, IGBT test and assembly and most recently supporting in wafer probe, wafer map and inspect."

Sophie Doran, IGBT Operator

"As a Senior Bipolar Operator, I have undertaken training to develop the skills required to contribute to product development, from basic components to final manufactured devices and be a part of a number of major projects, including a GTO redesign."

Teresa Chambers, Senior Bipolar Operator



"Working for Dynex for over 13 years has given me the best opportunity to experience several aspects of the business and learn many new skills. I spent 8 years working in the Basic Unit Bipolar department fulfilling most tasks involved in the production of bipolar devices. I joined the IGBT wafer fabrication team 5 years ago to pursue further opportunities and to carry on with my exciting journey with the company. Besides my standard role it also includes overseeing planning in the Photolithography area and development of our Trench-gate project, working together with the process engineers on a daily basis."

Zita Matovics, Principal IGBT Operator

"Through my 14 years of working with IGBT Production, I have played a vital role throughout various areas of IGBT manufacturing. For the past 10 years I have supported both R&D and Production Engineers with 6” IGBT and FRD wafer testing, mapping, sawing and inspecting."

Danny Williams, IGBT Operator