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Standard Power Assemblies

Dynex have supplied a wide variety of classic power assemblies which act as building blocks to larger integrated power systems. These make full use of the Dynex range of devices and incorporate a number of cooling options to achieve significant voltage and current ratings. These can be supplied with additional components as required. (Fuses, RC networks,thermostats, firing boards etc.) For more information on our Assembly Services visit our information page.

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AC Switch Assembly AC Switch Assemblies 3 Phase Thyristor Rectifier Assembly 3 Phase Thyristor Rectifier Assemblies 3 Phase Diode Rectifier Assembly 3 Phase Diode Rectifier Assemblies Clamped Cell Fin Assembly Clamped Cell Fin Assemblies 3 Phase AC Switch Assembly 3 Phase AC Switch Assemblies 3 Phase IGBT Inverter Assembly 3 Phase IGBT Inverter Assemblies