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Semiconductor Device Test Systems

As a long standing manufacturer of High Power semiconductor devices, Dynex have had to develop a number of complete suites of test equipment to be able to monitor the performance of the devices and also to prove the long term reliability of these devices.

The Dynex Equipment Group have designed a wide range of testers which can capture all of the electrical and timing measurements required to define the performance of the semiconductor devices.

Having provided this type of equipment for internal use for 30 years, Dynex have developed a capability to provide low cost customised test solutions for third party companies.

This capability has been developed to enable test systems to be offered for a wide variety of applications which are not always for semiconductor testing.

Fuse testing, lightning simulation, breaker testing, capacitor reliability, resistor thermal cycling, crowbar testing etc.

Our Engineering team are able to review custom requirements for high voltage and high current testing and to design the hardware solution to meet these requirements

Amongst our existing designs we have produced the following systems

  • Passive thermal cycling equipment
  • Power cycling equipment
  • Dynamic IGBT Tester
  • High voltage hot blocking equipment.
  • Low voltage hot test equipment
  • Qrr and Tq Testing.
  • Multiple cycle surge testing
  • Thyristor high power parametric test system
  • High voltage leakage measurement systems
Thyristor Parametric 12kV Thyristor parametric tester Multiple Thyristor Tester Multiple surge current tester Thyristor Stored Charge Measurement Stored Charge measurement