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Pulsed Power Systems

Dynex Thyristor Assembly Dynex Thyristor Assembly Dynex Thyristor Assembly

Dynex have developed a range of fast switching thyristors which are based on our mature GTO technology with switching speeds as high as 20KA/us. Devices are available at 4.5kV and 6.5kV and with our STACKSHARE gate switching technology, we can provide matched switching assemblies, capable of >85kV peak discharge voltages.


For series switching our engineers will provide design solutions which provide the isolation required at much higher voltages.


Our stacks have been provided for fast discharge circuits (lightning simulation) as well as for applications where specific wave shaping is required for bespoke testing. With our GATO (Gate Assisted Turn Off) it is possible to produce controlled commutation enabling  multiple pulse switching.


We have developed specialist pulsating switches for PEF (Pulsed Electric Field) applications producing 25kV pulses at 30KA/us at a switching frequency of >100Hz.


Most of our designs have been for specific applications, so we have a very flexible Engineering experience and understanding to enable us to look at our customers’ specific requirements.


If you are interested in learning more about our capability in high speed power switching,


Please contact us in Lincoln on 01522 502930. contactus@dynexsemi.com Alternatively, please complete the Quickform and we will get back to you very quickly to discuss your requirement.