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Pulse Power Thyristor

Power control through innovation Pulse Power Thyristor

Pulsed Power Thyristors (PPTs)
We have sorted our Pulse Power Thyristor by voltage grade and then by current rating. The voltages shown below represent the maximum repetitive voltage for each device type. To produce a selection from our range, please use the Power Semiconductor > Advanced Part Search menu option above.

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Part Number VDRM (V) VRRM (V) IT (AV) at TC= 80°C (A) ITSM at Tvj VR = 0 (kA) dV/dt (V/us) dI/dt (A/us) to Ipk (kA) Rth(j-c) (°C/W) Outline Type Code Flange OD Contact OD Height (mm) More Info Checkbox
ACR300SG33 3300 20 493 6.5 3000 2000 0.125 0.042 G 58.5/34/27
PT40QPx45 4500 16 760 13 200 5000 20 0.033 P 56/38/37
PT60QHx45 4500 16 1000 22.5 175 10000 40 0.013 H 100/63/26.5
PT85QWx45 4500 16 1670 37 200 22000 90 0.01 W 120/84.6/27.7
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