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Diode Information

A Diode is an electrical component that’s main function is to allow an electric current to pass one way, known as the diode’s forward direction. While also blocking a current from the opposite direction, known as the reverse direction. Typically a two-terminal design with asymmetric conductance, the diode has ideally zero resistance to the current flow in one specific direction while ideally infinite resistance from the other direction.

The most common type of diode used today would be the semiconductor. With a crystalline piece of semiconductor material built with a p-n junction fitted to the two electrical terminals. Another popular type of diode is the vacuum tube, designed with two electrodes, a heated cathode and anode.

The method and functionality of a diode means it is in essence an electronic check valve. The term used for this operation is known as rectification, this is the method of converting AC to DC currents. Diode’s are also used within radio receivers their job to extract modulation for the signals being sent and received.

Diodes however can perform much more complicated actions then a simple on to off function. Their behaviour can be altered to begin conducting electricity only if certain voltages are being transferred or if a cut-in voltage is present in the forward going direction. A forward voltage drop across a diode varies only a little amount with the current. This action can be identified with the temperature sensors or voltage reference.

The functionality of a semiconductor diode can be tailored to perform specific duties. Ranging from regulating the voltage of currents to protection from electrical surges or as a receiver for televisions and radios, there are many other duties that a diode can be tailored for. The design, function and reliability of diodes have come a long way since their first creation over a century ago. Dynex have been producing and developing our own range of diodes that are now internationally recognized and used across many platforms.

We offer a range of varied specifications of not only rectifier diodes but also Fast Recovery Diode and Fast Recovery Diode Modules.

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