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IMPORTANT : Counterfeit Goods

14 July 2015
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It has been brought to our attention that an increasing number of counterfeit products are appearing on the semiconductor marketplace.

Unfortunately, many of these products will have markings and labels that closely resemble those from Dynex’s genuine products, making it difficult to realise the difference. Dynex has extensive, proven controls to ensure our products are properly manufactured, tested, handled, and stored to prevent failures. Counterfeit products will not have been subjected to these processes. Therefore, Dynex does not warrant any parts purchased through unauthorized channels nor do we accept any liability for failure of counterfeit products.

Dynex’s Advice to customer is as follows:

  • Only purchase from Dynex directly or from one of Dynex’s authorised distributors. Our Customer Services team can advise you whether a distributor is authorised via the details below.
  • Dynex products should not be purchased if the outer appearance differs from Dynex products you normally receive unless Dynex or a Dynex authorized distributor has provided you with a product change notification or can be seen on datasheets from the Dynex Website.
  • We strongly advise against purchasing extraordinarily low priced Dynex products from unauthorized distributors. Dynex does not support the sale of Dynex products via online auction houses. We will be pleased to confirm the authenticity of the products. To do so please contact Dynex’s Customer Services (contact information in footer) with the following information:

    • Part number, quantity purchased, unit cost
    • Name and contact name of the supplier with address, phone, and web/e-mail addresses
    • Digital photographs of inner & outer label, inner & outer packaging and front and back of product
    • Copy of purchase order and invoice

This is intended to provide you with additional information on counterfeiting and steps that can be taken to better recognize counterfeit products.

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