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Dynex Honoured to Host Visit for Chinese Minister Counsellor Jin

05 June 2015
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Dynex Semiconductor Ltd today announced their appreciation for the privilege of providing the Minister Counsellor and his colleagues with an insight into how the UK’s largest high power semiconductor manufacturer works alongside the China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock Corporation Limited (CSR), the world’s largest manufacturer of electric locomotives, as an excellent example of how many UK businesses successfully integrate with Chinese companies.

Dr. Paul Taylor, Dynex’s President and CEO, and George Guo, Dynex’s Sales and Marketing Director, presented to the visiting party a brief history of the business in Lincolnshire, detailing their involvement with CSR and their successful collaborations on a range of projects throughout the year, which have gone on to benefit the UK and Chinese markets.

Counsellor Jin was provided with a tour of Dynex’s Lincoln factory, detailing the processes involved in the manufacturing of power semiconductors. Some of Dynex’s leading engineers were on hand for Counsellor Xu’s questions regarding the products, production processes and applications of products. Senior managers were also able to comment on some of the cultural differences Dynex has experienced throughout this partnership.

“Here at Dynex we are proud to have on our Lincoln management team three Chinese senior managers, bringing their experiences of working in China to help us improve here in the UK and vice versa. These managers help us ensure that when any cultural differences do arise we are able to provide help and support on both sides, ensuring Dynex and CSR reach understandings that benefit both businesses”, Dr. Taylor explained.

With the continued growth internationally Counsellor Jin is confident that the Chinese economy will increase. With this in mind, the connections between the UK and China will grow. Currently the Chinese are more heavily invested in the UK than in any other country across Europe. With the increase in Chinese people coming to the UK each year come even more opportunities for continued collaboration between the countries. Counsellor Jin was quick to compare the similarities in culture between the UK and China, which he believes will help develop the relationship further over the years.

Counsellor Jin ended his visit by noting that he was glad to have the opportunity to see how the business between CSR and Dynex continues to grow year on year and feels confident about this relationship and the future of Dynex and CSR.

George Guo commented, “I am delighted to have been able to showcase a successful relationship between a UK and a Chinese company. CSR have been working tirelessly alongside Dynex to ensure both companies are offering high-quality products and a vast range for our customers, as well as giving our employees insights into how the other functions. We have then been using these insights to help improve our companies both here in the UK and in China”.