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Customised Projects & Case Studies

Below are examples of worldwide projects where Dynex Semiconductor devices are operating in Power assemblies.

1 Dynex Power Assembly

Excitation Supplies at the Guri Dam in Venezuela

The Dynex Semiconductor assembly team worked closely with Andritz Hydro to provide the semiconductor assemblies required for the exitation supplies for the 770MW turbines in Powerhouse #2.

2 Dynex Power Assembly

27.5kV Regulator Switches in Turkey

Connecting to a 27.5kV rail line presents a number of complex problems, however Dynex have produced a number of water Cooled TCR stacks in conjunction with Endoks in Turkey provide a working solution which is now fully installed.

3 Dynex Power Assembly

Voltage Source Converter Project in Sweden

Dynex have been selected as a key supplier to Alstom Grid in Stafford to provide power assembly Components for the South West link HVDC project. Svenska Kraftnat have invested in the new VSC Technology to improve the power grid infrastructure In Sweden.

4 Dynex Power Assembly

Smart Grid Connect Switches in USA

Dynex contributed to the Smart grid project at Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County, USA by supplying our Grid Connect switch firing modules to Chevron.