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Contract Assembly and Refurbishment Assemblies

Sub Contract Power Assemblies.

Dynex have range of capabilities which provide us with the opportunity to offer our support as a sub contract manufacturer in the field of high power semiconductor assemblies.

We have lifting equipment which enables us to work with assemblies that are up to 2 tonnes in weight, and we can provide a turnkey solution that takes the assemblies from individual components all the way through to completely assembled and tested units ready for shipment to customer sites.

We have a growing test capability which enables us to perform complex switching tests as well as isolation testing (to 100kV) and PD testing on constructed assemblies.

Dynex have clean room assembly operations that ensure optimum quality is maintained and as such electrical and thermal connection integrity is not compromised. This is ideally suited to the mounting of high power devices on to heatsinks.

Sub Contract Power Assembly
Sub Contract Power Assembly Sub Contract Power Assembly Sub Contract Power Assembly Sub Contract Power Assembly

Refurbishment of Power Assemblies (Traction)

As part of our heritage, Dynex (MEDL, GEC) have worked with a number of railway drive and locomotive manufacturers and we are familiar with the requirements of the rail industry. We provide a service where we can strip, and improve the older subsystems to provide regenerated parts which will ensure future performance is guaranteed.

As an original supplier into the UK traction market for power electronic devices, Dynex are now offering a service whereby we will renovate older systems that have been performing well in the field to prepare them for ongoing future operation.

This work has included semiconductor device replacement as well as modifications which remove known failure mechanisms to improve the rail MTBF statistics significantly.

Sub Contract Power Assembly